Professional Services

Starting with a good plan is always the best way to insure that a project will run smoothly and on time.


Professional Engineers

Multiple in-house Professional Civil Engineers 

- Project design and layout
- Scheduling and task management
- Optimize Equipment Selections
- Project material specifications                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Design Services (CADD)

By partnering with us through the design process you will benefit from decades of invaluable insight and hands on construction experience. We will be glad to design your project from the start or provide additional perspective to your own design team. Some of the design services we offer are:

- Road design
- Dam design
- Railroad corridor and alignment design
- Water distribution system design

Construction Surveying

When it comes to insuring that your project gets started right, good construction staking is critical. Our projects are thoughtfully designed, well planned, and staked out correctly every time. Our surveyors are always equipped with the most current technology and will do a quality job for you time and time again. Whether the project is large or small our survey guidance will make sure you have minimal re-handle, construction delay, and expense.

Project Management Services

- Planning
- Project Scheduling
- Logistical Support
- Construction Management
- Blue Top Management

Other Professional Services

- Permitting
- Water Rights